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The Food Business Annual Return plays a vital role in helping food establishments adhere to regulatory standards. This article delves into the significance, purpose, and essential details encompassed in the annual return. Grasping the importance of this document enables food businesses to ensure regulatory compliance, uphold food safety standards, and foster consumer trust. Furthermore, we will examine the procedure for submitting the annual return and the repercussions of non-compliance. Stay well-informed about the Food Business Annual Return to fulfill regulatory requirements and operate ethically within the food industry


Due Date for Food Business Annual Return
As per clause 2.1.13(1) of Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulation, 2011, all licensed Manufacturers and Importers must submit their Annual Return in Form D1 by May 31 of every year for the activities conducted during the preceding Financial Year.

Eligible FBO for Annual Return Filing
Following Food Business Operator (FBO) need to file the FSSAI annual return online in Form D1 to the Food Licensing Authority about the category of food products manufactured or sold by them during the preceding financial year:

Food manufacturers
Every FBO, including the ones dealing in milk and milk products.

Exemptions from Filing FSSAI Annual Return
According to the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration) Regulations, 2011, the following food businesses are exempted from filing an FSSAI annual return online in India:

Fast food joints
Grocery stores

Penalty for Late or Non-submission of Annual Returns
According to the FSSAI’s order realized on 10th November 2022, any delay in filing the Food Business Annual return beyond 31st May each year shall attract a penalty of Rs.100 per day for delay till the date of filing of the return. The maximum penalty levied shall not exceed five times the annual license fees.

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Document Requirement to file FSSAI Annual Return

  1. FSSAI License Details:
    • FSSAI license number and details.
  2. Business Information:
    • Business name and address.
    • Details of the proprietor, partners, or directors.
  3. Production and Sales Data:
    • Information on the quantity of food manufactured or processed.
    • Details of the quantity of food sold.
    • Sales data for different food products.
  4. Supporting Documents:
    • Documents supporting the production and sales data provided.
    • Any relevant financial documents or records.
  5. Quality Control Measures:
    • Information on quality control measures in place.
  6. Food Safety Management System Plan:
    • Details of the food safety management system in practice.
  7. Details of Any Adverse Incidents:
    • Information on any adverse incidents related to food safety.
  8. Any Changes in the Business:
    • Details of any changes in the business, such as ownership, address, etc.
  9. Declaration of Accuracy:
    • A declaration stating that the information provided is accurate.
  10. Payment Receipt (if applicable):
    • Receipt of any applicable fees paid for filing the annual return.


Details Required for Filing FSSAI Annual Return

The FBO needs to provide the following details while filling out the FSSAI Annual Return:

  • Name of the food product manufactured or imported
  • Size of the bottle, any other package (like P.P.), or bulk package
  • Quantity in Metric Ton
  • The selling price of the food products per Kg or unit of packing
  • Value of the Food Product
  • Imported quantity in Kg
  • The list of details of countries or ports where the food products are imported
  • Rate per unit per Kg of packing cost, insurance, and freight (C.I.F.) free on board. / F.O.B.

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