Eating House License


An Eating House License is a legal authorization issued by the local municipal authorities or the police commissioner’s office in India, allowing an establishment to serve food and beverages on its premises. This license is essential for restaurants, cafes, or any business that provides prepared meals for on-site consumption. The process for obtaining an Eating House License typically involves submitting an application along with necessary documents, adhering to health and safety standards, and complying with local regulations. It ensures that the establishment meets the required standards for hygiene, sanitation, and food safety, contributing to the overall well-being of consumers. Renewal of the license is generally required periodically to maintain compliance with evolving regulations. Specific requirements and procedures may vary based on the local jurisdiction.




Validity of an Eating House License

The tenure of Eating House License will depend on its Registering Authority. However, its validity is also subject to the Health/ Trade License and other Licenses associated with the application.




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Documents Required for an Eating House License

The following is the comprehensive list of the documents which needs to be uploaded along with the application:

Eating House site-related documents:

    • Location plan of the Eating House
    • Photographs of the same
    • A fire safety certification where it is applicable for eating houses that seats a minimum of 50 people at a time.
    • The proof of surveillance systems or CCTV that installed along with a minimum 30 days of video recording comprising the installation or invoice details concerning CCTV, etc.
    • Proof of ownership or tenancy or or lease of premise (registered lease/rent deed/sale deed)
    • A self-attested ‘No objection certificate’ (NOC) from the owner of the premise
    • Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) permission to have amusement activities such as DJ, live band, and discotheque.