One Person Co


One Person Company (OPC) is a unique business structure designed for single entrepreneurs in India. With the flexibility of a sole proprietorship and the distinct legal entity status, OPC allows individuals to run their business with limited liability. The single member acts as the sole shareholder and director, streamlining decision-making and operational control, making it an ideal choice for solo business owners looking for a formal business structure. OPC provides legal recognition, protecting the individual’s assets while maintaining simplicity and ease of management.


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Step 1: Obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Secure a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for the intended director of the OPC. The DSC is utilized for electronically signing crucial documents.

Step 2: Obtain Director Identification Number (DIN)

Acquire a Director Identification Number (DIN) for the proposed director from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Step 3: Name Reservation

Apply for name reservation through the MCA portal using Form SPICe+ (Part A). Ensure that the chosen name for your company is distinct and does not resemble any existing company or trademark.

Step 4: Prepare MOA and AOA

Draft the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) for your company. These documents define the company’s objectives and internal rules.

Step 5: File the Forms

File the necessary forms with the MCA for OPC registration. Attach the relevant documents to the SPICe+ form, including MOA, AOA, declarations, proof of the registered office, nominee appointment, and other documents as required by the MCA.

Step 6: Certificate of Incorporation

Upon approval by the ROC and verification of compliance requirements, the ROC will issue a Certificate of Incorporation, signifying the successful registration of your One Person Company. Notably, the PAN number (Permanent Account Number) and TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) are generated automatically during the incorporation process, eliminating the need for separate applications.


1. Director’s Documents:

  1. Director Identification Number (DIN):
    • Apply for DIN for the proposed director.
  2. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC):
    • Obtain a DSC for the proposed director.
  3. Proof of Identity:
    • Passport, Aadhar card, or driver’s license of the proposed director.
  4. Proof of Address:
    • Recent utility bills or bank statements as proof of address for the proposed director.
  5. Passport-sized Photograph:
    • Passport-sized photograph of the proposed director.

2. Name Approval:

  • Name Approval Application:
    • File Form RUN (Reserve Unique Name) with the ROC to propose and reserve the company name.

3. Nominee Information:

  • Nominee Consent:
    • Consent from the nominee for being appointed in case of the director’s incapacitation.
  • Proof of Identity and Address of Nominee:
      • Similar to the director’s documents, provide proof of identity and address for the nominee.

4. Registered Office Proof:

  • Address Proof:
    • Utility bills or rental agreements for the registered office address.