Reasons for Pan Card Rejections

Applying for a PAN card is a straightforward process that can be completed through either online or offline methods. However, there are instances of rejections in PAN card applications, often stemming from incomplete or inaccurate information provided during the application process. Rejections occur when the details provided by an individual do not align with the required documents submitted. This issue is not limited to individuals but also extends to collective entities such as HUFs, companies, trusts, etc., leading to instances of PAN rejection for both individual and organizational applications.

Reason for discrepancy in the PAN application card

Basis of rejection of PAN form is the same for both the online platforms for both NSDL and UTIITSL. Main reasons for rejection of your PAN application.

  • Discrepancies in the name mentioned in the form and in the document furnished : Form 49 A and Form 49 AA have various fields that need to be filled accurately by PAN applicant. It includes personal details such as age, gender, name, date of birth, address, etc. Specific columns designated to fill the required fields, sometimes applicants fill these details wrongly. For instance, if the name spelling in the form differs from the name you mentioned in the document. At that time there are chances of occurrence of discrepancy in PAN form.
  • Discrepancy in PAN occur in supporting documents: Documents that are submitted to the PAN department as an identity proof or address, do not have clear print and are not enough for the authorities to recognize as valid identity proof. In such cases,  the application form of PAN rejected by UTIITSL or NSDL.

Dos and Don’ts to avoid rejection in PAN card

Avoid making use of the initials while filling up the ‘name’ section in PAN application: It is one of the most factors to keep in mind while filling the PAN application form. This is one of the major points which has become a painstaking hassle for a large number of the PAN applicants. In a country like India, there are many societies that use initials instead of the writing middle name and surname. Please note, if you are writing initials in all other identity proofs and high school certificate and in PAN form you have mentioned the full name, in that case, two names will not match, and PAN form will get rejected.

On the other part, if you write initials (like in other supporting documents) then also application form for PAN card will get rejected. Please note that PAN Data does not accept initials in the name field.

In the case of HUFs

HUFs are always required to fill their full first name, last name and middle names to avoid PAN rejection. In case, if PAN application is for a company, the name of the company should be written in full and all short forms should be eliminated.

Always mention about your PIN Code in the Application form

Always mention pin code while citing your address in the PAN Application Form. As PAN is dispatched by the post which could not be possible without mentioning the PIN codes on the application form. If there will be no mentioning of the Pin Code, PAN application will get rejected.

Phone numbers should contain STD and ISD codes

Make sure that you always fill the landline numbers in the application form with proper ISD and STD codes. For the mobile number, mention the country codes. It makes it easier for PAN furnishing authorities to contact PAN applicants in case of the need arises.

Furnish always valid supporting documents

There are three types of documents required for PAN card issuance:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address for dispatch of PAN card
  • Proof of age

The best way for furnishing all correct documents is to go through the list of various documents that are available on NSDL or UTIITSL. You can take a printout list of the documents for reference and send the required documents within the expected time frame to avoid losing an application fee which you pay at the time of submitting the Online PAN application Form.