Pan Card Acknowledge Number

The Permanent Account Number (PAN) is an official identification number issued by the Income Tax Department of India. It holds significant importance for individuals, being a crucial document. Comprising a 10-digit alphanumeric code, the PAN is indispensable for conducting various financial transactions. Additionally, the PAN card serves as a recognized form of identity proof, aiding the government in its efforts to combat instances of tax evasion.

What us PAN Acknowledgement Number?

This number is being issued to an individual after applying for a PAN card either through NSDL or UTIITSL.

When you apply for a PAN card via NSDL,  the entity will generate a 15-digit PAN acknowledgment number. In the case of UTIITSL, it will generate a 09-digit acknowledgment number. All will help in tracking the status of the PAN number.

How to search your PAN acknowledgment number?

One who files an application for a new PAN card or is requesting for making changes in the existing PAN can find the information about the status with the PAN acknowledgment slip or PAN acknowledgment form provided.

Process of getting PAN Acknowledgment number via offline mode

If an individual applies for PAN Card via offline mode, then the agent will provide the acknowledgment number to whom the form is submitted.

Process of downloading the PAN acknowledgment number via online

PAN acknowledgment number is provided to an individual after he or she submits the PAN application form. Acknowledgment number in case of online mode is being sent to the registered email address of the applicant. An individual can download it from the email and use that acknowledgment number to track the status.

In what cases you can make use of PAN Acknowledgment number?

An individual who has applied  for a new PAN card or correction of an existing PAN Card.

  • When an applicant applies for a PAN card through NSDL, then also he or she needs to visit the website of NSDL and make use of ‘Know Status of your application’. There one can provide the PAN acknowledgment number and can also check the status of their application.
  • When an applicant applies for PAN card via UTI, in that case, one can check the status of their PAN application by visiting the website of UTI and click on the ‘Track your PAN card’ feature.

How to check the status of your PAN card in the case when you do not have acknowledgment number?

The PAN acknowledgment number is being provided by NSDL. It enables the individual to know about PAN Status of their PAN application. In case, the number got misplaced, it is not possible to check the PAN application status.

When one applies for PAN card from the website of UTI,  the applicant can check the status of the PAN application even if the coupon number is misplaced or lost, by using PAN number available on PAN acknowledgment slip.

Process of checking PAN status by PAN number

  • Visit the ‘Track Your PAN Card Application Status Page’ on the UTIITSL website
  • Enter the 10-character PAN number in the respective column and click ‘Submit’.
  • One must follow the same procedure, even when you apply for corrections or changes in the existing PAN card.